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Does Your Web Site Need A Workout

When we analyze different companies spending millions of dollars on a glossy newly developed website along with all the chimes and alarms like graphic designs, web analytics, blogs, shopping carts but in the end they fail to take benefit of all this stuff. Web sites that can be easily managed to generate traffic and revenue just waste their time and resources. Since, no one bothers to track visitorís activity, analyze new fashions or check out for search engine usability and compatibility.

These companies simply sustain the appearances, investing greatly on Internet technologies because their contestants are doing the same. But seldom people think about search engine compatibility with the website, how serviceable it is for visitors and whether it meets user-friendliness guiding principles. They donít even bother to look at their website statistics, verify for broken links and try to explore why their websites arenít transferring traffic into clientele.

Does your website returns sufficient for you? Just go through the following fitness assessment points to step forward:

1. Be sure your website is completely search engine compatible and the entire website pages should be indexed by the major search engines.?
2. Track the visitorsí statistics on regular basis and utilize this information to improve your website quality.
3. Website should be available to visually-impaired visitors and meet the worldwide standards laid down by Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).
4. Always follow the source of all reported errors in website statistics and fix them without any delay.
5. Specify the keyword against your website is being ranked in the search engines. You will have to conduct keyword research to find out what search expressions your target market is seeking so you can optimize for them.
6. Your website HTML code must obey W3 standards and keep on checking the validation regularly.
7. Website must not contain any broken link and do check for broken links regularly to fix them.
8. Your website must be fully search engine optimized to incorporate your target search conditions with Page Title, META Tag and evident page text.
9. Donít forget to create and submit an XML sitemap to Google Sitemaps.
10. A sitemap for Yahoo Site Explorer must also be created and submitted.
11. Your website should meet Googleís Webmaster Guidelines to get higher rankings.
12. Always count the visitor sign-ups and conversions regularly and use tweaks for your landing page copy to get better conversion rate.
13. Website should navigate spontaneously and your visitors must follow the navigation paths that you intend.
14. You should persuade customer feedback and give them a convenient way of communication for such feedbacks.
15. At least 250 words content is needed on home page of your website to satisfy search engines.
16. Your site must have visible, text-based sitemap to facilitate visitor navigation.
17. A proper link building campaign is required to secure more inward links to your website and boost up your websiteís link popularity score.
18. A well managed website can have a high percentage of repeat visitors and should have the ability to let the visitors to stay more than a minute.
19. Search engine recommendations and site traffic information must grow each month.